No Conference for 2021

Next Conference...


5th March 2022

Speaker Dr Matt Bingham

Dewsbury Evangelical Church

Central Offices, Central Street

Dewsbury WF13 2NN

The CONNECTED Conference in 2021 was scheduled to be on Saturday 6th March and it will come as no surprise to you that in the light of all the uncertainties and unknowns for 2021 the committee has decided to cancel the Conference next year. The Conference talks could have gone ahead on Zoom but as facilitating fellowship between individuals and churches over coffee and lunch is an essential part of the Conference together with the fact that many of us are ‘zoomed out’ this was dismissed as an option!


The theme was to have been “Not a Sparrow Falls:Living in Light of God’s Providential Care” and the speaker was to have been Dr Matt BIngham who lectures at Oak Hill Theological college.


The subject would have been particularly apt and helpful in these present pandemic circumstances and so the committee have asked Dr Bingham if he would speak on this theme, God willing, in 2022 and he has agreed to do that so please note in your personal and church diaries:

CONNECTED Conference 5th March 2022        "Not a Sparrow Falls:Living in Light of God’s Providential Care”     speaker Dr Matt Bingham


However, we did not want 2021 to pass altogether without a CONNECTED input and so Dr Bingham has also very kindly agreed to provide a short ‘taster’ video of his theme which we hope will whet our appetites for 2022. This ‘taster’ together with some news items is likely to be a YouTube video for which I will send you the link early next March.

Leaders, prospective leaders and key workers (men and women) in evangelical churches are encouraged to attend together as a Connected team to learn and catch the vision for the future of their church.

was formerly known as the North of England Conference